Monthly Special
One of the newer services we offer is a diagnostic check of your current books. We will give you a comprehensive evaluation of your books for a discounted price of $79. 
Vendor A/P
Whether you're a restaurant who has a wide array of monthly bills from a variety of vendors or a small agency with only a few, our goal is to take this headache from you all-together. We know how important it is to build relationships with vendors, so our goal is to let you be the face of your business, while we handle the money. 
Often deemed the biggest headache of 'em all, payroll is the manpower -sucker that can eat up a valuable employee's time. Instead of paying those individuals to do a task that is cumbersome and frustrating, why not give that job to someone who not only enjoys it, but can do the job well? 
Expense Analysis
We know the struggle expenses can have on your bottom line. With our daily/weekly work on your books, we can provide the necessary feedback you require to reduce or recommend suppliers that can save you money. Saving thousands or even a few hundred dollars will greatly impact your bottom line at the end of the year.